Infertility and pregnancy

Hey girl hey!

I'm Victoria - an infertility warrior turned parenting worrier. 

Yup, after 5 years of struggling, I got pregnant! FUCKING FINALLY! I decided to start this site to expand off of my infertility site to be able to share more pregnancy & parenting content, without pissing off or hurting feelings of my tribe of warriors. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt the people that I care so much for. I know how annoying that can be to those still struggling to conceive, TRUST.

Both sites are very much a part of me and will continue to evolve and grow. Infertility is and always be a part of me. I'm still keepin' it 100, I'm not going soft on y'all.  Just because I'm a mama now, doesn't mean I can't drop excessive F bombs and give it to y'all straight. Fuck that!

Pregnancy and Parenting are both wild and crazy roads, and I'm not holding back the goods. I have had to learn a lot of stuff the hard way, and I'm sharing with all of you.