Finally, A Baby Monitor That Doesn't Suck.

Did you know that baby monitor rage is a thing? Well, it is in my house. It’s like road rage, except you aren’t alone in your car yelling at random strangers who can’t hear you. You are in your bedroom, in the dark, laying next to your spouse, and two dogs, yelling at a tiny electronic.

And, you know how people say that putting together IKEA furniture is the number one cause of a fight in a relationship. I think they are wrong. I think it’s baby monitor rage. Yes, definitely.

It goes like this.

Monitor: Beep. Beep.

Me: OMG the monitor stopped working AGAIN!

Husband: Eye Roll. What do you want me to do?

Me: Why isn’t it working? I thought you called and got our WiFi fixed?

Husband: Yes, I did. Spent 5 hours on the phone with them this week and 4 hours last week. I setup an entire new WiFi system that’s supposed to fix the problem. I’ve troubleshooted for days. I’m doing the best that I can.

Me: But it’s not fixed.

Monitor: Beep. Beep. Crash. Turns off. AGAIN.

Husband: Sighs deeply. Puts on headphones and closes eyes.

Me: Visualizes smothering of husband and monitor with pillow.

Husband: Falls asleep immediately and dreams of sports

Dog: Lifts head, gives me death stare, displays thought bubble… “why do these assholes do this to us EVERY night?”

The dogs are right. We spend countless hours doing this same song and dance EVERY night. Unnecessarily waking up multiple times a night just to get hot and bothered, while my sweet baby is sound asleep. Me getting out of bed - holding the monitor around the room like I’m on a damn Verizon commercial - can you hear me now? Opening my bedroom door to make sure I could hear her, just incase. Staring at the tiny screen of HELL. Staring at my snoring husband with his ear plugs in. Staring at my dogs also snoring. Wishing. Hoping. Praying that things will be different tonight.

For the LOVE OF GOD baby monitor - can you just work properly for one damn night so that NO ONE HAS TO DIE?



Yep, you heard me. SIX. That’s almost one new monitor a month. It’s beyond anything I ever expected. I registered for one that had good reviews, tried it out, and NOPE. Fail. On to the next one. Also terrible.

The Wi-Fi ones were all crappy connections. Good picture, but just can’t rely on them. Not one ever made it through the night without crashing. The hard wired ones were more reliable, but very loud, and the picture quality was, well, creepy. A blurry, dark creature rolling around in the crib with devil eyes, otherwise known as Flo Baby.

At one point I had three going at once every night- a hard wired monitor for the sound to wake me up if she cried (although I had to put scotch tape over the speaker so that it wasn’t blasting her sound machine in my ear), a wifi monitor to be able to login when the sound would wake me up to actually see her as a human being (not a body double for Children of the Corn) and then also a heart rate/oxygen monitor to alert me if anything was wrong that didn’t cause crying, because yes, I’ll admit, I’m paranoid AF.

I asked every mom I knew - how do y’all deal with this?

And a friend said to me…

All baby monitors just suck. It’s just the way it is.

But, why tho??? This is not okay. Baby monitors are supposed to help you sleep better, not worse. I’d rather sleep in a damn sleeping bag in the hallway then deal with this stress and anxiety ALL night.

I wish I could have documented all of the different holes that have been drilled into the nursery wall. The different positioning, the different angles, the patching and painting. The researching.

The battle that just never ended.

Until we found the Miku Smart Baby Monitor.

To clarify, my husband found Miku. He did all the research, talked to their tech department about their WiFi capabilities, app technology, etc. (I think he knew his life was on the line). When he brought it up to me, I was in disbelief because, well, I had never heard of them. How could it be that great if it wasn’t on all the standard baby registry lists out there?

But he listed all the things it offered that seemed to address all our needs. And trust me, that’s a shit ton.

  • Real time sleep monitoring

  • Real time breathing monitoring, without any wires or attachments

  • Room temperature & humidity levels

  • High def video

  • High tech security features, so creepers can’t login and see her

  • A beautiful sleek modern design


I sent them a note and asked if they would allow me to test the product and write an honest review. They were very willing, which was a good sign!

We got it in the mail and from the start I was impressed. The box was beautiful, well organized, and so easy to install. It came with all the hardware, a measuring tape that shows you exactly where to put it in distance from the floor, and even a fancy screwdriver!

miku baby monitor review

We set it up immediately. Super easy and quick to install. They really dummy proof the installation. The measuring tape shows you exactly where to mount it so that it’s the perfect view of the entire crib.

miku baby monitor review

And although, easy to install, still required the proper supervision. :)

miku baby monitor review

Supervisor, approved!

miku baby monitor review

First, we tested it during the day for her naps and it worked flawlessly. We even tested it while we were out at date night. Table for Three!

miku baby monitor review

But we all know, the real test was overnight. Dear sweet baby Jesus, please let this be the one.

And…dun, dun, dun…..


And the next night, and the next. Could this be true?

Yes, yes, it’s true.

We’ve officially ditched all of our gadgets and we are operating on ONE, reliable monitor. I’ve been sleeping much better, which means everything is better, if you know what I’m saying.

The only negative I would report, is that I’d like to see sleep history reports (yes, I’m insane). I brought this up to them and they said that it’s something they are already working on for the next app update! Hooray!

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Finally, a company that understands technology and the importance of a baby monitor reconnecting on its own. A company that has made it their mission to help you sleep, not lose sleep.

Miku. I heart you.

PS… my husband says thanks for saving his life. :)