You Can Still Have a Stylish Home that's Baby Proof (and dog proof)!

I REFUSE to let my house be taken over by Baby STUFF.

And dog piss.

Yes, I’m serious. Stop laughing.

I can’t tell you how many friends of ours, that are parents, have looked us in the eye, with an evil grin and said things like….

“I hope you don’t like all this new furniture, it’s going to be ruined soon.”

“Get ready for your nice house to turn into a play zone”

Really nice, encouraging shit only true friends say.

Gee thanks, FRIENDS. Why do I get the feeling that you can’t WAIT for our nice home to turn into Chucky Fucking Cheese?


But to be honest, I was really starting to worry. Could they ALL really be wrong, and we be right? We like nice things and take a lot of pride in our house. We have always said, we’re not going to let our home be taken over by children. But, could we actually do that?

We were determined.

We searched and searched for stylish toy bins, play mats, baby proofing materials, and such. It was NOT easy to find attractive pieces.

We have a 9 month old baby who is on the MOVE and life has gotten VERY real around here. Our strategy is to keep her contained (at least, for now) - she gets her “play zone” and the rest is ours. So, far, it’s working pretty well. There were a few things we couldn’t ignore, like safety hazards. Things like the fireplace, electrical outlets, sharp corners, and of course, the stairs. We were able to be discreet with things like clear corner bumpers for the coffee table and a machine washable rug (for the dog piss) from Ruggable.

baby proofing and dog proofing

The fireplace and stairs were the hardest. I was NOT going to put a huge gate around my fireplace. It’s the focal point of our house when you enter thru the front door. I already had to give in and put up a gate for her confined space. And, I was NOT going to put ugly bumper pads all around it either. Ew.

And do I really want more ugly gates on our stairs too? NO. I DO NOT.

I am not at all a DIY’er but actually had to make some shit. I’m quite proud of myself, thank you very much.

First, I found a cool yoga mat that looked like a rug, I cut it to fit the hearth so it would be padded and then secured it with heavy duty double sided tape.

Babyproof fireplace stylish modern

Then, I got a piece of plywood cut from Home Depot to cover up the fireplace.


I added some double sided tape with velcro to attach it. This way I can take it off when I need to.

baby proof fireplace stylish modern

And then, I painted it with chalkboard paint. Something she will have fun drawing on (safely!).

baby proof fireplace stylish modern

Not too shabby, right?

And, so the next big item was the stairs. And, I just couldn’t stand to look at those ugly baby gates!! I stumbled upon this adorable company called Stair Barrier. Why I didn’t find them years ago for my dogs is beyond me, but so glad I finally did.

They are made of fabric and you get to pick your design and size. We went with a classic black and white stripe.

baby gate stylish modern

Installing it was super easy. I did the measuring and husband did the drilling. Yikes.


As soon as we put it up, Flo Baby was VERY curious. We had a very unique setup, so luckily Stair Barrier sent us this little handle to attach the bottom strap.

baby gate stylish modern

And so was Romo, the dog.

baby gate stylish modern

Safe, and cute!

baby gate stylish modern

And the wolf pack was securely on one side.

baby gate stylish modern

Mission accomplished. :)

Chew on that FRIENDS!

*Disclaimer: The stair barrier was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review.