Yes, I Buy My Baby Formula From Germany.

And no, I’m not crazy.

The FDA is totally fine with approving toxic ingredients for my baby to consume during the most crucial time of her development, but I am NOT.

Let me elaborate.

Let’s start with the ingredient called DHA/ARA. Yes, DHA/ARA is found in human milk, and some studies show that it’s beneficial to a babies brain, which is why formula brands want to make their own version. However, the synthetic version is vastly different than the human version. It’s made by extracting from fermented algae and fungus through a process that utilizes a neurotoxic chemical, hexane. What’s hexane? Oh, well it’s a highly flammable chemical commonly extracted from petroleum. Hexane = Gasoline.

Long story short, the FDA is approving a byproduct of Gasoline to be in our baby formula.

Yes, I’m serious.

I could stop here, but there is just so much more.

If something says Non GMO, well that’s likely bullshit. If you can find soy oil on the ingredient label, then it’s genetically modified. Soybean oil is cheap and found it tons of processed foods. So, why would we put this in baby formula? It is also a major concern for your baby’s sexual development.

And, my personal favorite. Corn Syrup. A very common sweetener for baby formulas in the US. Why? I have no fucking clue.

If you’ve ever tasted breast milk, that shit ain’t sweet.

Come on, I know you’ve tried it.

Corn syrup is a major cause of diabetes in the US. And is often the cause of colic or tummy issues in babies. We all know what happens when we eat corn, right? Well, think about a tiny little newborn baby trying to digest corn. THEY CAN’T. Just like, we can’t.

Thanks FDA. Thanks.

Ok, so I’m gonna step down off my organic pedestal for a minute and real talk. I know that one day my baby is going to eat an old ass Mcdonald’s french fry off the floor of the car. I am not naive to this. However, for the first year of her life, while her brain is developing more than it will in her entire life, I’m going to give her the best I can.

And no, it’s not from my breast. Like many mothers, my baby struggled to get what she needed from me. We battled it out for eight straight weeks, both of us crying every day, which ultimately led to postpartum anxiety.

Yes, PPA is a thing. And it’s very real.

We made the switch to formula because it was the best thing for all of us. I had a lot of guilt about switching, especially when I started researching what the US allowed in our formulas. It’s just sad. Embarrassing to say the least. But the Europeans? Yea, they are legit.

Like, really, really legit.

For example, if the Europeans say something is Non GMO, then it actually IS Non GMO.

Crazy, right?

European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) is very diligent in their standards. For example, the USDA has yet to acknowledge 3-MCPD as a hazardous, toxic substance linked to cancer, while Europe has already eliminated it entirely. It could still be actively used in American formulas! The same applies for GMOs and sweeteners.

I found this chart online way back when, I wish I could tell you where I found it. I was only getting a few hours of sleep, so please forgive me for not documenting, but it was the best guide I found. I have since sent it to every mom friend I know that is considering formula.

Organic Baby Formula comparison

I ended up going with Holle Lebenswert, a German formula. It checked all the boxes for me. Instead of corn syrup to sweeten, they use lactose, which is the closest you can get to breast milk. Which is NOT SWEET. The only thing it didn’t have was a probiotic, so I just supplement with drops.

The formula is SO SMOOTH. We had zero problems transitioning from breast milk - no colic or tummy problems. I liked that they had different stages. We started on stage 1 and now we are on stage 2.

Honestly, If I had to do it all over again, I’d definitely consider the LouLouka brand, I’ve heard a lot of great things about it, but it wasn’t available until recently. It might even be better than Lebenswert! No palm oil AT ALL and made with full fat, whole swiss milk. It doesn’t get any closer to breast milk than that! If I am blessed with another baby, that’s what I would do.

Check out this comparison chart for more information.  

Flo Baby sure does love her German milkies, tho.


Holle lebenswert formula

So, how do you get German baby formula in the US?

Well, luckily, I’m not the first American to have this problem. A company called Organic Start has built their entire model around providing people like me, in the US, with quality, European baby food products. In fact, that’s exactly how their business started. They have triplets and needed formula! Good, organic formula for their THREE babies!

They saw a major flaw in our US system and wanted to create easy channels for parents to get what they needed. They have a warehouse in the US so that you can get your formula fast, and also have bulk options sent directly from Europe to save money! That’s what we do, and we love it! Check out their wholesale site.

Flo Baby runs a tight inventory checking system. Although, she often drinks on the job and has been known to make mistakes.

lebenswert by holle formula

We get all of our formula AND our porridge from Organic Start. I had tried a couple of other companies prior and had issues. I either got the wrong formula or busted up boxes. And, one time I was in a major crisis because a delivery didn’t come when it was expected and I was NOT about to feed her a US formula. So, I quickly found Organic Start and they overnighted me a box. From that day forward I was hooked.

Also, I have a personal connection to this company because the couple who founded it conceived via IVF. I love supporting companies that have a story and passion around what led them to start their business. I believe that they want the best for my baby too.

The other thing I love about this company, is that they make it easy for us English speakers to read the labels. Yes, the boxes all come in German, but their website has an english translated version for every box.

Flo Baby is still working on her German.

lebenswert formula from organic start

I am so proud of companies like this, and it’s my honor to be a brand ambassador. I only work with companies and brands I wholeheartedly believe in and use for my family. I’ve been using this formula and company for 7 months straight and have had nothing but amazing experiences.

And my baby girl is THRIVING!

Organic Start has given me a code for all of you to get a discount, woo hoo!

Use Code VICTORIA and get 10% OFF

Give your baby the goods! The European goods!

lebenswert formula organic start

This post was sponsored by Organic Start, but everything shared in this post is my honest opinion and true experience.