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After keeping my infertility a secret for many years, I finally "came out" with my disease in 2015. I was tired of fighting against all of the ridiculous expectations placed on me by society -  like when I should get married or start a family.  In 2017, I finally got pregnant! I realized that this was an entirely new world to navigate, one I never thought I'd get to experience. But Here. I. Am. I'm learning as I go and sharing my story with all of you. Infertility has taught me how to find the silver lining in literally everything, but let me tell you, it ain't ALL glowy and shit. But, this isn't supposed to be easy...

I made a human! 

Thus, I've created this blog for YOU, to make you laugh, remind you that you CAN DO THIS, and to offer resources to help you keep fighting like the warrior that you are!


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My Infertility Journey


After 5 years of fertility treatments

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